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Blissful Mauritius

After packed days filled with touring Cape Town, and early morning wake ups on safari, Mauritius could not have been a more perfect place to sleep in, catch some rays and relax. Situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the island itself is not too big at about 2,000 square kilometers, but it is beautiful and diverse. We stayed on the east side of the island, which tends to be windier and rainier, but I cannot say I noticed. There was that one day we had to sit on our paddleboards in order to get back to shore, but some may even call that a user error. The east side is known for its gorgeous beaches as well and we were afforded pristine views of the ocean from what became our daily perch.

beach bag

I regret to inform you that we did not too much in Mauritius that we can write home about. We had big plans to visit Black River Gorges National Park, but after go-go-go, we just needed to sit still. Having been a little burnt out at this point by numerous flights and activities, Mauritius was our relaxing paradise where we got a glimpse into what our retirement lifestyle would look like. Morning tennis match, leisurely breakfast, reading books on the beach – do we really have to wait another 40 years for this?! For not having been on a beach vacation in two and a half years, we managed to slip into the perfect routine pretty quickly.

beach 2

The Four Seasons at Anahita was beautiful with the typical style and décor found at the brand’s other resorts. I had originally been nervous that the resort would be overcrowded and touristy, but it was neither. Our same beach spot was waiting for us each afternoon, and by 3 o’clock we practically had the white sand and turquoise waters to ourselves. Coming during the “winter” months really has its benefits. Note to self: live somewhere where there is year-round sunshine and winter means 80 degrees and sunny.

ocean villa

The food was delicious and diverse with French, Italian, Asian and Creole flavors abounding. We got to attend “Zilwa Night” at Bambou, which featured local Mauritius cuisine, and the dancing and performances gave us a taste of Mauritius culture.

We were fortunate enough to have our same waiter on the beach all five days, and Jayen was kind of enough to provide us with a daily history lesson. Here are some fun facts about this beautiful African island with some of the friendliest people:

  • English is the official language of Mauritius, but only 1% of the population speak it (can you believe that?!)
  • Most people speak Creole, but a small percentage also call French their main language
  • The island was originally occupied by the French, hence why there is still so much French influence on the island. The British captured the island in 1810, and independence was not attained until 1968.
  • Mauritius was used as a naval base by the British during World War II for a variety of operations.

four seasons

Mauritius was the most peaceful end to a whirlwind trip of fifteen days and seven flights, where we started in summer traveled to spring, continued onto winter and went home to fall. I was convinced we were going to come home sick after traveling through all four seasons in a matter of three weeks, but fortunately we avoided it!


We could not have been happier in our five days of paradise and would love to return some day to do more exploring of Mauritius itself. For now, we can just relive our last stop through photos.

max mauritius

What are your thoughts on a vacation where you just truly recharge and do not sightsee?

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  1. Joanie #

    This sounds like paradise and the perfect ending to a wonderful honeymoon!

    December 18, 2015
  2. What a gorgeous place! Love that picture!

    December 19, 2015
    • Thank you, OBATC! We wish we could go back now!

      December 27, 2015
  3. I love Mauritius and have had some relaxing and not so relaxing holidays there. One time out of ten days we spent just 1.5 on the beach – the rest was spent playing golf and tennis and it was fabulous! I’ve zip-lined there and visited wildlife parks and enjoyed some fabulous Creole food as well as the gorgeous white sand beaches. An excellent destination for both relaxation and activity. Sounds like you had a wonderful honeymoon 🙂

    December 20, 2015
    • Thanks, Suzanne! Your action-packed Mauritian vacation sounds amazing. I am looking forward to taking part in all the activities on my next beach destination! I loved the Creole food – reminded me a lot of the flavors of New Orleans!

      December 27, 2015
  4. It looks like an amazing place but then again, we are talking about an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean 🙂 Although I couldn’t believe how far out it was from the mainland when I looked at a map! How long of a flight was it to there?

    It sounds like you had a blissful and relaxing way to end your fabulous African adventure. I think there’s nothing wrong with doing nothing and recharging after a jam packed trip. I kinda wish there had been a beach resort vacay waiting for me after Peru 🙂

    I love the first picture of the beach vacation essentials.

    December 22, 2015
    • It did feel like we were in the middle of nowhere! It was a 3.5 hour flight from South Africa and then an 11.5 hour flight back to London. I think if we hadn’t had this recharge, we would have come back too exhausted! Some of the best vacations do exhaust you, but this last relaxing spot was very necessary this time 🙂

      December 27, 2015

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