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Hello 2016!

While I am considerably behind most other bloggers in posting my goals and trips for 2016, I have been spending the beginning of January winding down from the holidays, getting organized for 2016 and booking some trips for the remainder of the year!

2015 has also taken some significant time to reflect on. It was without a doubt one of the best years yet – more on a personal level than in a travel sense. Our September wedding was the highlight of the year and allowed us to take one of our dream trips to Cape Town, Kruger National Park and Mauritius for our honeymoon. It was a new continent for both of us and allowed us to experience a city break, adventurous safari and relaxing beach escape all in one. While many people say a safari is a “once in a lifetime trip,” I am already contemplating how I can get back to the beautiful African continent soon!

Helicopter - Elephant

Most of the rest of the year was spent in wedding appointments, going to friends’ weddings and partaking in all the festivities that go with these exciting events! While it was a fun-filled year, 2015 did not allow for as much traveling as years past. There were a couple of highlights though, and I feel like I spaced my traveling out to make the shorter trips last me until the next one.

Austin, Texas was the start of my 2015 travels, and as I have wrote about before, is a place I want to return to again and again! Warm weather, an artsy community and a budding foodie scene make it hard not to fall in love with the Texas capital. I was there for my college roommate’s bachelorette party, which was a great excuse to get everyone together in a fun place!

Most of the spring and early summer was spent travelling for weddings and the activities that go with them, and while this is a different type of travel than seeing a new place, it is also the best kind of travel in that it allows you to reunite with friends and experience such momentous occasions.

In the midst of all the weddings, Max and I did sneak away for a long weekend in May to celebrate a milestone birthday for him in Chicago! While this was my third trip to the city, it was my first one as an adult and my first one in the spring, and allowed me to fall in love with Chicago in a whole new way.

the bean

In July, I got to return to one of my favorite islands, Martha’s Vineyard, for my own bachelorette party and a weekend filled with sun, beach and festivities.


My mom and I also chose to go low-key this year for our mother-daughter trip and retreated to the quiet of Connecticut, and specifically to the Norwich Spa, for a weekend of relaxing.


And while the rest of the summer was pretty low-key finishing up wedding tasks, it was also a great excuse to take advantage of the beach which is right in our backyard and make the time leading up to our wedding as relaxing as possible.


Post-wedding we were free to spread our “travel wings” a little more broadly and a month after returning from the honeymoon I was off to New York City to visit my girlfriends and a month after that we were off to one of my favorite places (and now Max’s), Charleston. More on America’s Favorite City and our wonderful week there coming soon!


The last trip of the year was back to one of my other favorite places of Washington, D.C. where I went to school and was able to reconnect with friends and watch my alma matter beat Syracuse :). Our last day there was spent wandering around my favorite place, the National Mall and the monuments, and I even got to see one of the newer monuments, the Martin Luther King Memorial, for the first time.

dc 7

Traveling to a new continent and going on a safari were definitely the highlights of my travel year, but returning back to some of my favorite places was exciting too! I had not been to most of these places in a while and it allowed me to see the city through a different perspective.

In 2016, I see more return trips in my future. While I love to visit new places, there is something satisfying about visiting a return destination and seeing new things. I already have New Orleans and Ireland on my radar, places I have been before and loved.

cliffs of moher

Additionally, as a commitment to a new year (and a year with less commitments), I am reinstating my goal from 2014 to #take12trips and explore domestic and international locations, as well as those places right in my backyard. I’m looking forward to a year of “unlimited travel” as I was promised in a Christmas present and having much more to share on the blog this year!

christmas voucher

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2016 and looking forward to seeing where your travels take you!

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  1. 2015 was an amazing year for you! So happy we got to share in all the joy with you. Looking forward to all of your 2016 adventures and hope we can take some together! xx

    January 14, 2016
    • Looking forward to all the happiness 2016 will bring for you two! Can’t wait for more adventures (we are overdue)!!

      January 23, 2016
  2. I love your wedding dress-timeless and beautiful!

    It still sounds like you had a pretty wonderful year of meaningful travels. I look forward to your Charleston posts, that’s probably my number one US city I am dying to visit (especially now that I’ve made it to Savannah).

    The return trips vs. new trips is something I struggle with quite often, in a trivial sort of way 🙂 It’s been 10 years since I studied abroad in Spain and I would love to return-to see all of my former haunts but then also explore the north since I’ve never been. And then I look at a map and am reminded of all the places I STILL want to get to.

    Although undoubtedly different from the year before, hope you have a magical 2016 too!

    January 14, 2016
    • Thanks, Julie! It was one of my favorite things about the wedding 🙂

      We worked hard to take some important trips, and all-in-all it was not a terrible travel year! Charleston is a MUST visit. Hands down my favorite city in the US, abounding with charm. It is similar to Savannah, but a little bigger and more going on and the restaurant scene is so overwhelming amazing! The hardest part is deciding where to eat (I’m already sad about the places I missed!).

      You have described the predicament so well! This year seems like I may be hitting some more return trips, but mixing it with some new destinations while I am there which may be the best of both worlds! Wishing you a great 2016 as well! Looking forward to seeing where you travel in your big Europe Trip this year!

      January 23, 2016
  3. 2015 was such a special year … I can’t wait to see what adventures “A traveling B” and “A wandering M” take in 2016!

    January 14, 2016
    • Thank you, OBATC! There are certainly some on the horizon! Looking forward to all the special moments for you in 2016 🙂

      January 23, 2016
  4. Joanie #

    2015 will be hard to top! It should not be too difficult to reinstate your #take12trips with your unlimited travel voucher:)

    Happy Traveling!

    January 15, 2016
    • Exactly my thinking! We already have a few local and international trips on the radar for 2016!

      January 23, 2016
  5. Sounds like a great year – and love the wedding picture, what a gorgeous dress! I’m planning a South African trip this autumn so will take a look at your posts for some inspiration.

    January 28, 2016
    • Thanks, Lucy! I’m so jealous that you still have South Africa to look forward to – such an incredible city. Can’t wait to read about your journey!

      January 29, 2016

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