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A Look Back at 2016

The more I travel, the more I find that each year tends to group itself into themes. As I look back on 2016, the three themes that my travel seemed to rotate around was taking return trips, visiting national parks and traveling consistently through my continued #take12trips challenge. I have talked about return trips in the past and how the benefits of returning somewhere with a new perspective can often be just as beneficial as viewing a totally new destination. I’ve struggled with return trips previously, but fully embraced the concept this year and enjoyed showing family and friends around some of my favorite places. Read more

A Weekend in Palm Springs

Once known as a retreat for famous movie stars, a drive through Palm Springs will have you passing streets named after Bob Hope, Gene Autry, Frank Sinatra and many other celebrities who helped make the area famous. However, the iconic desert of Palm Springs is now renowned for its golf, spas, stylish hotels, great restaurants and modern architecture. Read more

Highlights of Northern Ireland

Most first time visitors to Ireland focus their attention on the Republic of Ireland, leaving its interesting, picturesque and less crowded neighbor to the north for a “later visit.” It is understandable as there is enough to keep one busy in Ireland for months on end; however, Northern Ireland deserves just as much attention as it has interesting cities, rugged coastline and many historical sites based on its complicated history.  Read more

A Night in Monument Valley

When planning our trip to Utah, our focus was the national parks. Trying to fit 5 parks in an already condensed timeframe felt rushed, but my brother was adamant on adding Monument Valley to the mix. As a lifelong John Wayne fan, and a Western movie fanatic, this was his ultimate destination and we all obliged him in adding it to the itinerary. What we didn’t realize was that Monument Valley is a magical place. Read more

A Weekend on Block Island

I find the summer season to be fleeting every year. I know many people in the northeast share a similar sentiment as it seems to take longer and longer each year for the weather to warm up and before we know it, its Labor Day! While I try to make the most of the season, there are always a couple of local trips that I put on the back burner when I run out of time, determined to tackle them the following summer – Block Island is one of the trips which has been carried over for quite a few summers now. Read more

An Anniversary in Asheville

Max and I have always been a big fan of celebrating special moments. We’re not big present people, but we love celebrating a milestone with a special dinner or trip and our first wedding anniversary was no exception! Having just returned from Utah, we had limited vacation days to spare so focused on choosing a new US city for both of us which was only a quick plane ride away, could be explored in just a couple of days and had good recreational activities, (e.g., food, beer and hiking). Enter Asheville! Read more

Travel Tips for Utah’s Mighty 5

Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce and Zion National Park collectively make up the “Mighty 5” in the southeastern part of Utah. At the end of our trip to Utah’s Mighty 5, the conclusion was unanimous – these five national parks are aptly named. From delicate arches to dramatic canyons to red rocks and sheer cliffs, they are each impressive but remain unique. Read more

Best of Belfast

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in Belfast, we sat at a bustling outdoor bar, drinking craft cocktails and watching stylish people come through to meet their friends. The city was alive and it was hard to imagine in that moment that Belfast had ever been anything other than a bright, lively cultural center; however, most people in our generation know the history of Belfast is dark and it is a city which has survived decades as a warzone. Read more

An Irish Itinerary

It is pretty clear by now that I have a strong love of the Emerald Isle. The warm hospitality, sweeping coastal views, delicious food, lively pub culture and a remarkable history – Ireland really does have it all! Once people hear about my love of all things Ireland, they reach out to get my tips for a good itinerary so here are my recommendations of how to structure your time when visiting. Read more

Perfect in Providence

Sometimes the closest destinations are often the most neglected. The place you can “always go to” is usually the place that stays on the back burner the longest and the one you do not make the time for. Walking through the historic streets of Providence with the February sunshine beating down on us, I was struck by how charming and eclectic the capital of the Ocean State was. Only 50 miles and one short hour drive from our house, I had been to Providence many times, whether it was shopping at the Providence Place Mall with friends in high school, attending the theater with my mom for my 16th birthday, exploring the Water Fires as a disinterested teenager or even just last year to see my beloved Georgetown Hoyas succumb to the Providence Friars in overtime. Read more