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Posts from the ‘Travel Future’ Category

My National Park Wishlist

As 2016 comes to a close, so does the year of the National Park Services (NPS) Centennial, a momentous occasion for Americans to celebrate one hundred years of the parks preserving our natural resources. And while the celebration of the centennial was partially to look back and reflect on the progress made in recreation, conservation and preservation, it was also a pledge for future generations to continue the stewardship for a hundred more years and beyond. Read more

Hello 2016!

While I am considerably behind most other bloggers in posting my goals and trips for 2016, I have been spending the beginning of January winding down from the holidays, getting organized for 2016 and booking some trips for the remainder of the year! Read more

Honeymoon Revealed…

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the honeymoon one of the best parts of planning a wedding?

Once the decisions on venue, music, cakes and the like were made, I must admit my mind immediately went to the honeymoon. Where would we go?! This was our opportunity to start our married life in a unique and exciting place. Read more

2015 Travel Plans

Reading everyone’s 2015 travel plans makes me as excited as if they were my own! I love seeing the blend of local travel, weekend trips and long-awaited destinations that make up people’s years.

I felt similar excitement last year as I planned my return trip to Paris with my mother and grandmother, began booking my long-awaited trip to Bar Harbor Read more

RelayRides to Your Dream US Destination

If you could pick any destination in the United States to travel to right now, where would you pick? Any travel lovers out there know that this is a dream question, a question that we continually ask our family and friends for the pure love of hearing which destinations others pick. And more importantly, it is a question we are always hoping the other person asks back! Read more

2014 Travel Goals

One of my favorite parts about the beginning of the year is setting goals. Resolutions seem like a severe declaration against my innate behavior, but goals challenge me to be better and help me break out of my comfort zone. My goals fill numerous categories of personal, professional, financial, health, but most importantly TRAVEL goals. Read more

Inspiration: Take 12 Trips

One of my favorite aspects of travel is the inspiration it gives me. Reading travel magazines and travel blogs stirs up something warm and fuzzy inside me and I find myself transported to the particular place I am reading about. The inspiration is endless with the quantity of travel magazines and travel blogs these days. Read more