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Best of Belfast

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in Belfast, we sat at a bustling outdoor bar, drinking craft cocktails and watching stylish people come through to meet their friends. The city was alive and it was hard to imagine in that moment that Belfast had ever been anything other than a bright, lively cultural center; however, most people in our generation know the history of Belfast is dark and it is a city which has survived decades as a warzone. Read more

An Irish Itinerary

It is pretty clear by now that I have a strong love of the Emerald Isle. The warm hospitality, sweeping coastal views, delicious food, lively pub culture and a remarkable history – Ireland really does have it all! Once people hear about my love of all things Ireland, they reach out to get my tips for a good itinerary so here are my recommendations of how to structure your time when visiting. Read more

Irish Eats and Pints

In a country known for meat and potatoes, Ireland has done a lot in recent years to shed that image and innovate its food scene. When I visited Ireland four years ago, I was in awe of the food revolution. This time I was well prepared with reservations to try some of the country’s best cuisine. Read more

A Return to Dublin

I have done a lot of return trips lately – something the old me would have hated and immediately turned down in favor of newer destinations; however, the part of my traveling that has changed in recent years is that I don’t just want to go to new countries or cities or continents to say I have been there, I want to go where I want to go. Does it matter if I have been there before? Not anymore. Read more

Ireland in Video

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, so that must mean a video is worth a million, right? There are a million words I want to verbalize from our 16-day, 1700 mile trip through Ireland and Northern Ireland, but I always fear that I will not be able to adequately describe everything I saw, felt, ate, heard, and experienced. It is hard to take a compilation of moments and put them into meaningful words. So while I sit here and try to piece together all the wonderfulness that was our trip, I’ll leave you here with the video my husband compiled which captures the essence of our time in the Emerald Isle and its neighbor to the north– sunshine, beautiful vistas, secluded hikes, authentic music and of course, delicious scones.

More to follow, but for now enjoy!


This video is not being monitized. 

Perfect in Providence

Sometimes the closest destinations are often the most neglected. The place you can “always go to” is usually the place that stays on the back burner the longest and the one you do not make the time for. Walking through the historic streets of Providence with the February sunshine beating down on us, I was struck by how charming and eclectic the capital of the Ocean State was. Only 50 miles and one short hour drive from our house, I had been to Providence many times, whether it was shopping at the Providence Place Mall with friends in high school, attending the theater with my mom for my 16th birthday, exploring the Water Fires as a disinterested teenager or even just last year to see my beloved Georgetown Hoyas succumb to the Providence Friars in overtime. Read more

Staying Warm in Burlington

My only memory of Burlington, Vermont prior to this past weekend was spending a sunny July afternoon having lunch on the water with my mom. It was a quick pit stop on our way to Montreal, which is only 94 miles north, and considering I had never been to Burlington, she thought it would be an appropriate place to stop. I immediately fell in love with the small-town, laid back feel of the city, and the beautiful views over Lake Champlain helped solidify Burlington as a worthy destination in and of itself. Read more

How to Incorporate Travel into your Wedding

A wedding theme was something we put a lot of thought into. How could we incorporate our passions and a piece of ourselves into our wedding without going overboard? As two people who love adventures and exploring, the choice was a travel theme. Read more

JFK: An Idea to Last a Lifetime

I am embarrassed to admit that until this January, I had not been to the Boston museum closest to my house. Stepping out on my back balcony, just a look over Dorchester Bay puts me eye to eye with the John F. Kennedy Museum and Archives. In my lightest month of travel all year, the JFK Museum was the perfect destination to kick off my #take12trips challenge. Read more

A Perfect Day in Charleston

In my experience, most days spent in Charleston are perfect. A walkable downtown area combined with pleasant weather, friendly locals, interesting history and a buzzing food scene promises to end well. If you only find yourself in Charleston for one day, here are some tips to make the most of your time! Read more